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Team lazy

About Us

Team Lazy is a team held together by the passion they share; game development. From the first pixel of art design to the last confirmation of publishing a game, from the first letter of the story to the last word spoken in a meeting, from the first note in the audio to the last particle effect; we are dedicated to creating releases that we enjoy playing. Every story in every game is created by inspiration from our daily lives, whether it be the choices we make or even the little runner dude outside the car window. That dude could parkour at 80 mph. Our team is made up of individuals from across the globe; from Qatar to Turkey, Turkey to Spain.

Upcoming Projects
  • Escape

    The future. Humanity is in the early stages of faster than light travel. Second generation of FTL travel only. Earth is dominated by a Nationalistic Empire - Neo America. In the mid 21st Century after an extremely bloody war, Facist America and Israel fell and the world enjoyed peace for about a century. Humanity cleaned up their act and finally began to work together.

  • Vegetable Master

    Single-player dungeon crawler with incremental/idle game elements. The player's exploration is entirely fuelled by vegetables they themselves grow. And exploration is the only way to obtain new seeds. The game is intended to be casual, something that a player can chip away at. It is targeted at mobile devices and should be kid-friendly.